Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts | Synthetic Spiral Fabrics

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts
Synthetic Spiral Fabrics
Seamless belt for drying, filtering or conveying
Filled or unfilled to meet different requirements
100% High-quality synthetic material
Polyester, anti-hydrolysis or PPS all available
FDA and EU food contact regulations compliant
Max. width 10.5M
Worldwide shipping
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Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts | Synthetic Spiral Fabrics

Spiral Filter Mesh Belts, Synthetic spiral fabrics

The polyester spiral mesh belts have a spiraled continuous and seamless screen structure, which is ideal for applications in which a seam would be unmeet due to mechanical loads. Meanwhile, the unique spiral linked weave type makes the polyester spiral mesh belts flexible in warpage, and the heat-setting treatment ensures the spiral belts durability and a long, productive life without deformation, easy to install, clean and maintains.

This kind of synthetic spiral fabrics are widely used as filter belts, dryer screen belts or conveyor belts in dewatering processes with fibrous products, or for industry sludge dewatering and drying, nonwoven forming, and thermal applications include drying of veneers, manufacture of gypsum plasterboard or for multi-stage dryers in the foodstuff processing etc.

Synthetic polyester spiral dryer mesh belt fabrics

Bonfilt’s polyester spiral mesh belts can be made of 100% Polyester, or anti-hydrolysis Polyester for high temperature and high humidity, or 100% PPS for high temperature 150-240°C working condition, other kinds of material can be customized for antistatic, dirt-repellent, or enhanced abrasion-resistance performance etc.

Various types in different yarn diameter 0.5mm-1.1mm, small, medium and large spiral rings, flat or round yarn, filled or unfilled are all available to achieve optimal air permeability rates, tracking stability, high throughput rate, and excellent filtration efficiency.

Bonfilt’s Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts Properties:

  • Good durability and long productive life.
  • Smooth surface and easy filter cake discharge.
  • High-temperature resistance, Polyester up to 150°C, PPS up to 240°C.
  • Excellent chemical stability. Synthetic Fiber Chemical Properties Table
  • Multiple monofilament models with the small, medium and large loop.
  • Filled or unfilled to achieve different filtering requirements.
  • Seamless connection, no swelling at the joint, the same air permeability in whole filtering area.
  • Easy to install on a machine.
  • Suitable for small roller diameters.
  • Supplied in large width up to 10 meters.
  • EU and FDA food contact regulations compliant, please contact us to get the testing report.


Spiral mesh belt fabrics

packing & shipping

Standard packing: poly-woven bags for overseas transportation safety, wooden crates upon request.


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