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Spiral Dryer Fabrics for Paper Dryer
Seamless paper machine clothing
Greater permeability and drying efficiency
Hydrolysis resistance yarn for high temperature
Good tensile strength
Excellent wear resistance and durability
Max. width 10.5M
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Spiral Dryer Fabrics | Paper Machine Clothing Drying Screen Supplier

The spiral dryer fabric is a specially engineered paper machine clothing for the drying sector in the paper mill, also widely deployed in many other industries like food drying, nonwoven conveying, printed textile drying, etc. The spiral linked dryer fabrics featured for its continuous seamless screen, excellent strength and abrasion & distortion resistance, greater and adjustable ventilation.

1. The unique seamless spiral linked screen surface is ideal for the drying sector of mark sensitive papers, and the application where a seam is unacceptable. Each spiral loop could be joint, the seam is identical to the fabric body itself. It’s easy to install and repair to reduce downtime and increase long-life of the seam to save cost, as it is well known the joint is always the weakness of a circuit belt.

2. Bonfilt’s spiral fabric belt for the paper dryer is made out by high-viscosity PET yarn with hydrolysis resistant masterbatch additive, to achieve much better durable properties and long service life. Normal Polyester yarn is easy corrosive and degraded by the heat steam, then become brittle and the integral dryer belt fabric have to be replaced. The additive of hydrolysis resistance masterbatch lengthens the service life 2-4 times more than the normal Polyester under thermal (100c-170c) drying working condition.

3. Comparing to the woven dryer fabric, the spiral dryer mesh belt has greater air permeability and drying efficiency. Permeability is the crucial parameter of a dryer fabric. Spiral dryer fabrics have greater air permeability than other dryer fabrics under the same working condition, it could help to lower the steam pressure in drying cylinder, or fast speed under the same pressure. Furthermore, the special spiraled construction make the dry fabric has a higher contact area to improve heat transfer. All these help enhance drying efficiency and save at least 10% of the energy cost, which is more economical.

4. The spiral dryer belt fabric has a smooth surface to get smooth and no marking sheet surface.

spiral dryer fabrics

5. The spiral dryer fabrics made out by polyester yarn have excellent strength and wear resistance, thanks to the unique construction and strength of Bonfilt’s superior PET material. It could endure greater tensile strength to make the sheet closer to the drying area, ensure even sheet moisture and shrinkage to get quality products.

Dryer fabrics running, paper machine clothing
Wear resistance of spiral dryer fabrics

6. Good heat setting after treatment makes Bonfilt’s dryer fabrics robust, stable in dimension and has excellent resistance to distortion, it always running smoothly and will not deflection.

spiral fabrics mesh belt

Bonfilt provides a broad range of spiral dryer fabrics for every drying sector.

According to the yarn diameter and spiral ring size, we have small, medium and large loop. The large loop use thicker yarn to get superior tensile strength and ventilation, although coarse surface. And small loop has thinner yarn, lesser air permeability and fine surface.

The air permeability is adjustable by insert round or flat yarns into the spiral ring, to adapt different application and drying sector.

Flat yarn spiral loop dryer fabrics are also available, its greater sheet contact area and lower permeability and caliper than the standard spiral, suit for where woven products may not perform as desired.

Technical Data

Spiral Dryer Fabrics 
Model Spiral ring width
Yarn Diameter
Tensile strength   (N/cm) Weight (kg/m2) Thickness (mm) Air Permeability (m3/m2h) Air Permeability  (CFM 127/pa)
Spiral ring Connection
Small ring BF5080A 5.20 0.50 0.80 >1800 1.00 2.10 15000 937
Red flat Small ring BF6280A 5.00 Flat 62/30 0.80 >1600 0.90 1.90 13000 820
Medium ring BF6890A 8.00 0.68 0.90 >2000 1.31 2.45 18000 1125
Medium ring BF6890B 7.15 0.68 0.90 >2000 1.40 2.45 16000 1000
Medium ring BF7090B 7.50 0.70 0.90 >2200 1.45 2.60 16500 1031
Medium ring BF70100B 7.20 0.70 1.00 >2200 1.50 2.54 16800 1050
Red flat large ring BF9090A1 8.00 Flat 0.9×0.6 0.90 >1800 1.60 2.80 17000 1060
Large ring BF9090A2 8.00 0.90 0.90 >2300 1.80 3.03 19000 1188
PPS BF9090B High-temp 6.48 0.90 0.90 >2000 1.90 3.30 14000 875
PPS BF9090C High-temp 8.30 0.90 0.90 >2000 1.74 3.50 19000 1188
Large  ring BF90110A 10.00 0.90 1.10 >2300 1.65 3.15 20000 1250
Large  ring BF100100A 9.15 1.00 1.00 >2000 2.00 3.35 17000 1060
Large  ring BF120130A 1.20 1.20 1.30 >2600 2.35 4.30 22000 1375


Paper drying cylinder
Paper drying fabrics
  • Spiral fabrics mesh belt is mainly used in multi-cylinder fourdrinier paper machine and multi-cylinder vat machine, adapting to various types of board paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, bag paper, bobbin paper, linoleum base paper, train ticket paper, slab paper, pulpboard paper, and heavy-duty writing and wrapping paper.
  • And the spiral fabric has become the special filter mesh cloth since the advent of a vacuum pulp washer.
  • It’s also applied on the rotary screen printing machine in the dyeing and printing industry, coal washing machines in the coal washing industry, conveyor belts for ovens in the food processing industry, etc., which are all get optimal performance.

How to choose the dryer fabric for your paper drying line with multi drying cylinder?

  • Dryer fabric with small ventilation is adapt for the first platoon of the dryer, due to the fresh sheets from pressing sector are in high moisture and low strength to be marking sensitive. The medium ring of spiral dryer fabric should be used in the middle dryers, and for the latter dryer cylinders, big loop dryer fabrics should be applied, because the sheets became dryer and greater permeability is required.
  • For the bag paper, paper board and other heavy-duty paper sheets which need high evaporation during the drying process, spiral fabrics could be deployed in the entire drying sector thanks to its greater permeability. If a qualified smooth surface is required, the woven dryer fabrics should be assembled at the first platoon of the dryer, and spiral fabrics used in the following drying cylinders.
  • Dryer fabrics with improper air permeability will be counterproductive, too small ventilation will make the sheets moisture uneven in lateral, and too big will cause sheets to shock on the belt, and much more steam will condense and drop on the sheet when meeting lower outer temperature.
Dryer fabrics gude apron

Guide apron

Each piece of dryer fabric at least weight 200kgs, the belt replacement in the paper mill had been tiring, laborious and time consuming task. A guide apron for installing the drying fabric onto the machine is designed. See the picture below, sewing two pieces of aprons with industrial zipper on both ends, make 3-6 couple of symmetrical holes on them. When replacing the dryer fabrics, tie the ropes in the holes of each apron, pull one end bypass the drying cylinder and rotary with it. Continuous dragging the end close to the other, then close the zipper. Now you could join the two ends of the spiral dryer fabric by the connection yarn and glue sealed. Remove the guide aprons after spiral fabrics circuited.


How many degree of Bonfilt’s spiral dryer fabrics temperature resistance?

-40°C ~ 150°C

What’s Bonfilt’s lead time?

One week normally, and at most two weeks in peak season. For large quantities, please confirm with our salesman.

Packing & Shipping:

poly-woven bags or wooden cases for transportation safety.


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