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Oil Absorbing Filter Bags
Use for oil absorbing and degreasing
Multiple layers of construction
Excellent absorption capacity, 20 times its own weight
Water absorption is less than 0.1 times its own weight
MOQ: 50pcs
Worldwide ship


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Oil Absorbing Filter Bags

The oil absorbing filter bags, or oil degreasing filter socks, oil removal bags are specially designed for an application which demands to remove oil and other impurities from water or wastewater in industrial filtration. The oil absorbent filter bags have a unique conformation of multiple layers of oil absorbing (oleophilic) materials combined lining protection mesh, and nonwoven filter fabrics outside, which has excellent oil absorption capability, up to 95% filtration efficiency and good durability. Furthermore, the 100% PP material make it acid and alkaline-proof, safe for foodstuff contact, the hot melt joint also increases stretch resistant and no chemical release.

Bonfilt’s oil absorbing filter bags has a large oil absorbing surface area and excellent oil absorption capability could retain 20 times its own weight oil. Five different size and different micron rating 1 to 50 micron available, fit into any standard size 1# or 2# filter housing.

The oil removal efficiency of these oil absorbent filter bags is dependent on the type of oil you intend to remove as well as the differential pressure across the bag filter media. The greater the differential pressure the greater the propensity will be for the oil droplet to deform and migrate downstream which you don’t want.

For this reason, we suggest you to use pressure gauges on your filter housing to decrease your risk of forcing oil droplets downstream.

Bonfilt Oil Absorbing Filter Bags Characteristic

  • Excellent hydrophobic and lipophilic.
  • A high speed of oil absorption, excellent oil absorption capacity, 15-20 times its own weight, and less than 0.1 times water absorption.
  • Acid and alkali resistance, folding resistance, good tensile strength.
  • Trace amounts of non-emulsified hydrocarbons can be removed from a fluid.
  • Capturing all kinds of soft and hard particle impurities.

Oil absorption filter bags application

  • Electric paint coating line.
  • Pre-treatment of wastewater discharge.
  • Circulating water for circuit board production.
  • Coating line for automobile production.
  • Metal casting.
  • Protection filtration before ultrafiltration.
  • Oil removal filtration of spray water.
  • Food and beverage.
  • Beer production filtration.
  • Recovery of costly active stuff.
  • Advanced UV coatings.
  • High viscosity coatings.
  • Resins for a circuit board.
  • Advanced lubricating oils.
  • Gelled filtrates.
  • Extraction of activated carbon infiltrates and so on.


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