Nonwoven Micron Filter Felt Fabrics

Nonwoven Micron Filter Felt for Liquid Filter bags
Micron rate from 0.5um-200um
FDA compliant
Wholesale in rolls
Standard width 58cm, 60cm, 120cm, 180cm
Roll length: 50m/ROLL
MOQ: 1roll of each type
Worldwide shipping


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Nonwoven Micron Filter Felt Fabrics

The Micron Filter Felt Fabrics is a kind of Non-woven Filter Media fabrics for liquid filtration and separation. It’s made out by PP (Polypropylene) or PET (Polyester) or other Synthetic nanofibers with needle punched process and singed and calendered finishing treatment. The surface treatment prevents fibers from being washed away by high-speed fluid effectively during filtration.

The loose fiber structure and high void ratio increases it’s carrying capacity, and be able to catch large particles on the surface, while fine particles are trapped in the deep layer, which is Deep Filtration. The Micron felt one-time use is longer than surface filter media (like mesh fabric), since intercepting the accumulation of particles during filtration, the deep filter media is blocked more slowly than the surface filter.

Bonfilt Micron Filter Felt’s Features:

  • High filtering precision, 0.5um-200um.
  • High Filtering Efficiency, 90% in a single pass.
  • Singed and calendered surface treatment, no free fiber.
  • Food grade, compliance with FDA food grade requirements, no silicon and other contaminants.
  • Extensive chemical compatibility, Synthetic Fiber Chemical Properties Table.
  • Standard width: 58cm, 60cm, 120cm, 180cm.
  • Roll length: 50M/roll.

Micron Filter Felt can be available in the following products:

Appointed width in rolls

Micron Filter Media, Liquid Filter Felt

Conventional Micron Filter Bags

Industrial Micron Filter Bags, Liquid Filter Socks

Packing & Shipping:

Rolls Micron Felt on the paper core, packed in woven plastic bags.
Fabricated Micron Filter bags are packing in paper cartons lining with plastic bags.


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