Glass Fiber Filter Cloth for Dust Collector Bags

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Woven glass fiber filter cloth for dust collector bags.
High-temperature resistance to 260℃.
 dimensional stability, tensile strength.
High filter fineness and easier dedusting.
ygen and corrosion resistance.
Long service life.


What is Glass Fiber Filter Cloth?

Glass fiber filter cloth is an ideal fabric for high-temperature baghouse filter bags for various applications, thanks to the excellent performance of glass fiber, the glass fiber filter cloth has the advantages include high-temperature resistance, high tensile strength, high acid, and alkali resistance, high oxygen and corrosion resistance, long service life-time and so on. Glass fiber filter fabrics are the optimal solution for environments with the working temperature between 150℃ (300℉) ~ 260 ℃ (500℉).

Chemical Composition of Glass Fiber

The chemical composition of glass fiber can be divided into two categories, Electrical fiberglass (E-glass fiber), and chemical fiberglass (C-glass fiber).

Usually, the diameter of chemical glass fiber is about 8um, which is 22Tex yarn, and the diameter of Electronic glass fiber is about 5.5um, which is 12.5Tex yarn.

In practical applications, the E- glass fiber filter cloth has better property than C-glass fiber in temperature resistance, tensile strength and durability. All Bonfilt’s glass fiber filter fabrics are made out by the E-glass.

Table, the tested performance parameter of the woven fiberglass filter cloth in the same thickness but with different materials and different yarn diameter,

Material\Performance Breaking tensile strength (N/25mm) Abrasion resistance
Folding resistance
warp weft
E-glass fiber 12.5tex yarn 3900 3900 92 3267
E-glass fiber 25tex yarn 3000 2800 42 1183
C-glass fiber 22.5tex yarn 2500 2400 35 1000


Glass Fiber Filter Fabrics Yarn

Bonfilt’s fiber glass filter cloth are weaving by texturized fiber glass yarn, this kind of yarn is utilizing high-pressure airflow with special deformation process to make continuous fiber glass bundle puffing, deformation, to get irregular loop, twining, and knotting. This increase the contact area between the filter fabrics and the gas, makes the fiber glass fabric in extra lower filtration resistance, higher filter efficiency, and higher filtration velocity. Under the same dust volume capacity, the filtering air speed could be increased by 1/3, the system operation resistance can be reduced by 1/4, and capture particles about 1um, dust filtration efficiency no less than 99.5%.

fiber glass woven filter cloth

Bonfilt Glass Fiber Filter Cloth Surface-Treatment

As an industry air filter material, the glass fiber filter fabrics must undergo surface treatment to achieve better corrosion resistance, hydrophobicity and longer life-time.

According to different working conditions, Bonfilt’s glass fiber filter cloth has the various surface treatment:

Glass fiber filter cloth with PTFE membrane
  1. Silicon treatment,
  2. Acid resistance treatment,
  3. PTFE treatment,
  4. Graphite treatment, etc.,

The dust filter bags made out by the glass fiber filter fabrics has the notable feature as following:

  1. High-temperature resistance, the glass fiber filter material has good heat resistance and could be used at a high temperature of 260-280℃. This not only saves the flue gas cooling cost of the dust collector, but also reduces the risk of condensation.
  2. Fiber glass fabrics will not shrink in working temperature below 280°C, it has much better dimensional stability than the organic synthetic fiber.
  3. The glass fiber filter media has stable chemical resistance exclude strong acid and strong alkali. Even in the flue gas of strong acid and strong alkali, it has few affect on service life.
  4. The fiber glass filter fabrics with special surface treatment has the properties of softness, lubrication and hydrophobicity, so the dust collector filter bags made out by fiber glass has better dedusting performance than other materials, dust could be removed easily by reverse air blowing.

How To Choose Glass Fiber Filter Material

  1. Choose the surface treatment of the glass fiber filter cloth according to the working conditions of the dust point.
  2. Select the weaving type of fiber glass filter fabrics according to the dust removal method of the dust collector used. Generally, woven glass fiber cloth is used for reverse air dust removal, and nonwoven glass fiber needle felt is used for pulse jet cleaning.
  3. Different filtration air speed shoud match different thickness of filter fabrics, see the suitable air speed for different thickness of glass fiber filter fabrics.
Fabric thickness (mm) 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.55 0.7
Filtration Air speed (m/min) ≤0.4 ≤0.45 ≤0.5 ≤0.55 ≤0.7
  1. Determine the type of fiber glass filter fabrics according to the requirements of emission concentration of environmental protection standards respectively.

Fiberglass Sewing Thread For Dust Collector Filter Bags

Material:   Electronic glass fiber
Diameter:   5.5um
Tensile strength:   80 ~ 120N
Knotting strength:   25~35N
Capable:   For fiberglass dust collector filter bags on the three-needle high-speed industrial sewing machine
Working temperature:   <300℃
Lifetime:   2 ~ 3 years


What is PTFE membrane?

Use the imported PTFE resin raw material, the PTFE membrane is used for laminating on the surface of filter fabrics, to make the filter fabrics in easier dedusting, higher filter fineness, lower emission and longer service life-time.

What’s the capable application of fiberglass filter cloth?

The glass fiber filter cloth is widely used in cement, power, steel, incinerator, carbon black, asphalt, and refineries industries etc.

Featured Products


It’s a kind of 750g/m2 woven glass fiber filter cloth with PTFE membrane treatment. This type of filter material are the most commonly used for pulse jet filter bags. Mainly deployed in cement, power plant incinerator etc. industries.


FB302 is 470g/m2 woven glass fiber filter fabric with Silicon, Graphite and PTFE finish. The major application is making air reverse bags for carbon black industry.


This is a type of fiberglass filter cloth in weight 340g/m2 with Acid resistant treatment a PTFE membrane. Usually for making air reverse filter bags for ferroalloy, steel industrial, etc.

packing & shipping

Packing: Standard packing in rolls by poly-woven bags, wooden frame, wooden case or pallet packing is all acceptable upon request.

Shipping: Worldwide by Express, by Air, by Sea. Oversea delivery manual 

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