Filter Press Cloth | Filter Cloth for Press Filters

Filter Press Cloth for Press Filters
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Filter Press Cloth | Filter Cloth for Press Filters

filter cloth for plate & frame press filter

Filter press cloth has always been a crucial component in the press filters. It’s quality and correct selection decides the throughput and filtration performance. Nowadays 98% of the press filtration equipment using filter cloth as the filter medium. The filter press cloth has obvious widely range applicability and serviceability.

To get better performance and meet various working conditions like high tensile strength, acid, and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., generally, the filter press cloth is made out by special fiber include PP, Polyester, Nylon, PTFE, Aramid, etc, which has respective advantages. Sometimes the single material fighting by itself, and sometimes two or more of them are mixed in one to suit complex filtration requirements.

The filter press cloth also has diverse weaving type to obtain different particle retain and filter cake discharge capacity.

For instance, filter press cloth in twill weave has more smooth surface than plain weave for easy cake release and larger aperture for dewatering and anti-blinding. It’s suitable for high viscosity slurry.

Filter press cloth

There are three types of the vertical filter press – Chamber press filter, Plate & frame press filter, and membrane press filter. Even though the filter press cloths for the three above are all quadrate, they are different.

The filter press cloth for membrane and chamber press filter are the same, connect two pieces of square filter cloth by the central neck tube, and the cloth for plate & frame press filter is a single square piece with open circular space at the corresponding position.

Filter cloth for membrane press filters

How to choose the filter press cloth for your press filters?

  • Select the material: According to the filtrate chemical and physical properties to choose the ideal material of the filter press cloth, see synthetic fiber chemical & physical properties.
  • Select the fiber: There are monofilament, multifilament, short fiber, etc. of filter press cloth for press filters, the fiber influence the filtration performance, strength, regeneration, and other properties. 
  • Choosing the right weave pattern
    The weave pattern affects the precise, cake discharge and cloth regeneration performance.
  • Cloth after-treatment, heat set treatment
  • Experiment
    Filtration experiment on the raw materials slurry is important after the preliminary selection of the filter press cloth. A sample experiment was carried out on the material filtration to check the filtration rate, retention performance, filter cake moisture content, cake release performance, regeneration properties, etc.
Monofilament filter cloth
Multifilament filter cloth
monofilament filter press cloth



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