FGD belt filter cloth | Horizontal vacuum belt filter fabrics for flue gas desulfurization

FGD (Flue gas desulfurization) belt filter cloth
Specially designed for the vacuum belt filters
To filter the gypsum which generated during the FGD in the coal-fired power plant

Polyester monofilament on the warp for easy cake discharge and cleaning
Polyester multifilament yarn in the weft to enhance the filtration fineness
Excellent filtration efficiency
Good durability
Customized size
Worldwide shipping


FGD belt filter cloth | Horizontal vacuum belt filter fabrics for flue gas desulfurization

The flue gas desulfurization (FGD) belt filter cloth is specially designed for the vacuum belt filters to filter the gypsum which generated during the flue gas desulfurization in the coal-fired power plant. This kind of horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth is woven by PET monofilament in the warp and multi-strand filament in the weft, to ensure high filtration efficiency and good air permeability meanwhile in strong mechanical strength.

FGD process

The lime slurry wet process is the most widely used in the flue gas desulfurization, deployed in about 90% of the coal-fired power plants all over the world, due to its advantages of fast, high efficiency of 99% SO2 removal, excellent adaptable for nearly all kinds of coal fuel, furthermore the highly purified gypsum of by-product could be recycled and resale for wallboard, cement, and other manufacturing uses.

It uses the limestone slurry neutralizes the sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the exhausted flue gas to form the gypsum. Irrespective of whether the gypsum of by-product is saleable or it is intended to be disposed off in landfills, the slurry needs to be dewatered. Filtration equipment has to be deployed at the downstream of the reaction vessel to dewater the gypsum slurry which after pre-thickened and partly classified.

FGD Belt filter cloth for vacuum horizontal belt filter in FGD process

The horizontal belt filter and rotary drum filter are both applicable in this type of application. Although a vacuum horizontal belt filter is more efficient than a drum filter since gravity assists in the filter cake formation rather than working against it, also due to the continuous working and large throughput ability of vacuum belt filters. Our FGD belt filter cloth plays the crucial role of the filter medium for a horizontal belt filter.

Gypsum dewatering in FGD process
vacuum horizontal belt filter for FGD

Bonfilt’s vacuum belt filter fabrics are made out by the high viscosity PET monofilament & multi-strand filament yarn, which makes our filter cloth robust & durable under the force of puff and suction repeatedly and mechanical tension on the vacuum belt filters, also good chemical resistance and high temperature up to 130 degrees resistant. The intersect of mono & multifilament yarns make our FGD belt filter cloth in high efficiency to capture the tiny gypsum particles even 2-100um, enable filter cake with low residual moisture and excellent filtration performance.

PP belt filter cloth is also available, it has better acid and alkali-resistance than Polyester, but a little low strength and temperature resistant to 90 degrees. Commonly used in the power station of high-quality gypsum, as well as the chemical industry where the horizontal vacuum belt filter equipment is needed.

Bonfilt’s FGD belt filter cloth feature:

Bonfilt’s FGD belt filter cloth is woven by heavy-duty rapier looms to achieve uniform precise aperture and even surface. The pattern of stain weave makes the vacuum belt filter fabrics have a smooth surface and subtle opening for good filtration properties and air & water permeability, while the harsh reverse side with big apertures that help drainage and promote the FGD belt filter cloth adhesion tightly on the bottom rubber belt or the driving rollers.

FGD vacuum belt filter cloth
FGD fabrics weaving

After treatment of thermal setting is necessary for all kinds of synthetic belt filter cloth, it aims to enable the FGD belt filter cloth in better dimension stability, more smooth surface, better cake release and easy clean during working.

Joint: the firm stainless steel 316 clipper seam with apron cover cloth to ensure good durability and keep the vacuum during the filtration process.

Overall, Bonfilt’s vacuum belt filter fabrics for FGD has the features below,

  1. Robust and durable.
  2. High filtration efficiency and properties.
  3. High temperature resistant up to 130 degrees.
  4. Good chemical resistant, PET has excellent properties of acid and corrosion resistant, and alkalescent resistant. 
  5. Smooth surface for good cake release.
  6. Easy clean.
  7. Good dimension stability.
  8. Precise aperture, filter fineness 2-100um.
Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Belt Filter Cloth
Type Yarn Dia. (mm) Density (yarn/cm) Strength (N/cm) Weight (kg/m2) Thickness  (mm) Air permeability (m3/m2.h) Filter fineness (um)
Warp Weft Warp Weft Surface Joint
BF27508 Flat 0.5×0.32 6×0.18+0.5 28.5 25 2200 1000 1.2 1.95 1600 50-100
BF27508-1 Flat 0.5×0.32 600D filament+0.5 28.5 21 2200 1000 0.9 1.9 720 20-50
BF27508-2 Flat 0.5×0.32 Strand PET filament  28.5 23.5 2200 1000 1.1 2.1 310 2-20
BF24508 Flat 0.5×0.32 800D filament+0.5 26 23 2200 1000 0.94 1.22 400 30-60

packing & shipping

Standard packing: poly-woven bags for overseas transportation safety, wooden crates upon request.


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