Nylon Biopsy Bags Supplier

Manufacturer of Nylon Biopsy Bags
FDA compliant
Wholesale and MOQ: 10,000pcs
For small biopsy and histological specimen process
Easy peel open for quick and easy specimen removal
Precise mesh diameter 0.2mm
Great specimen safety and excellent fluid


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Nylon Biopsy Bags

The Biopsy Bags are manufactured by FDA compliant and solvent resistant Nylon Mesh, ideal for use in holding small biopsy and histological specimen samples during processing. An easy tear design allows for the fast retrieval of the sample after processing.

The Nylon Biopsy Bag is particularly as it can be used as a sieve with the thin mesh (0.2 x0.2mm) provides excellent fluid exchange and specimen safety. The fixative and specimen can be poured into the bag which then filters the fixative and leaves the biopsies inside. Convenient peel open bag allows for placing and removing specimen rapidly.

The polyester bag has the added advantage of being acid-resistance, which is suitable when processing very fine bone samples

nylon biopsy bags size

Bonfilt is a professional supplier for mesh bags, and our Biopsy bags are both available in Nylon and Polyester, with or without the flap (7mm) in three standard sizes:

Large: 75mm (W) x 95mm (L)
Medium: 45mm (W) x 75mm (L)
Small: 30mm (W) x 50mm (L)

Packing & Shipping:

The Nylon biopsy bags are packed in paper cartons lining with plastic bags.

Oversea shipping acceptable.


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