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Double Layer Weave Belt Filter Cloth for HVBF | Woven Filter Belt Media

Belt Filter Cloth
Especially for horizontal vacuum belt filters
Synthetic monofilament of PP & PET
Double layer 
Smooth surface for cake release easily
High strength, low elongation
Max. width 460cm available
Both fabric only and fabricated belts
Worldwide shippin


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Double Layer Weave Belt Filter Cloth for HVBF | Woven Filter Belt Media

This double layer weave belt filter cloth is the specially designed filter medium for horizontal vacuum belt filters (HVBF). It’s the essential part of the filter equipment, and well known as the “heart” of the belt filter equipment.

The vacuum belt filter cloth separate the container into upper and lower chambers. The suspension inpour on the upper chamber pumped pass through the belt filter cloth and enters the lower cavity under vacuum sub-pressure (0.04-0.07 MPa) to get a clear filtrate. The solid particles are intercepted by the belt filter cloth to form a filter cake to realize the liquid-solid separation purpose. The vacuum filter belts as the filter medium retain the cake and move together with the rubber belt, until discharge the cake at the discharge roll.

Bonfilt’s Double Layer Weave Belt Filter Cloth – Filter Media Solution for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters (HVBF)

The horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth will endure the force of puff and suction repeatedly on the vacuum filters and should have subtle aperture to get better filtration efficiency, smooth surface to make the filter cake release easily.

Bonfilt’s vacuum filter belts are made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene or polyester with monofilament or multifilament yarns in double layer weave with sophisticated structure. The double layer weave filter cloth is characterized by good air permeability, small drag coefficient, easy filter cake discharge, good wear resistance, high strength, and good durability.

Belt filter cloth

The wide application of the vacuum belt filters requires a large selection of filter cloth to get the best performance. How to select a suitable cloth for your horizontal vacuum belt filter?

1. Define the ideal material and fiber

Material and fiber Properties
Polyester monofilament filter cloth Made of high-strength, low-stretch polyester monofilaments. Smooth surface for easy cake discharge, acid-resistant, wear-resistant and high-strength, anti-blocking, easy to clean, and regeneration. The normal use temperature is less than 130 °C (266 °F), and the instantaneous use temperature is 150 °C  (302 °F).
Polyester multifilament filter cloth The series of filter cloth is weaving by the polyester filament in multi-strand. It is acid-resistant, high strength, better intercept ability for fine particles, but more difficult to clean than monofilament due to the multi-fiber. The normal working temperature is no more than 130 °C (266 °F), and the instantaneous working temperature is 150 °C  (302 °F).
Polypropylene (PP) monofilament filter cloth Made of polypropylene high-strength monofilament, smooth surface for easy cake discharge, acid and alkali resistant, hydrolysis, oxidation and mildew resistant. The normal working temperature of PP filter cloth is less than 90 degrees Celsius, and the instantaneous use temperature is 90°C (194 °F).
Polypropylene (PP) multifilament filter cloth Made of polypropylene monofilament in multi-strand, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistant, hydrolysis, oxidation and mildew resistant, high strength, better intercept ability for fine particles, but more difficult to clean than monofilament due to the multi-fiber. The normal working temperature of PP filter cloth is less than 90 degrees Celsius, and the instantaneous use temperature is 90°C (194 °F).


2. Select the optimal weave

Plain weave filter cloth

a. Plain weave: the most primordial and simplest weave, more interweaving points, compact and firm structure, small porosity and hard texture, medium cake release, easy blinding.

twill weave

b. Twill weave: The twill weave has less interweaving points, less robust than plain weave, but still stable in transverse and good mechanical strength, more smooth surface and filter cake release easily.

satin weave

c. Stain weave: The warp and weft threads have less interlacing points, loose structure, soft texture, the smoothest surface for cake release easily, and relative lower retention ability.

3. Choose the suitable air perm

Vacuum belt cloth

High air permeability has higher filtration efficiency but lower particle retention, small air permeability could get better particle retention but filtration speed decrease. We will help to choose the most suitable type of filter cloth to get your optimal filtration production.

The composite double layer weave belt filter cloth made by monofilament is the most widely used, due to its many advantages as follows,

  1. Two layers for filtration and supporting respectively.
  2. Dense and smooth surface to get good filtration performance, filter cake release easily, and good anti-blocking.
  3. Beneficial to the slurry lateral flow and increase the effective filtration area of the filter cloth.
  4. The lower layer woven by thicker yarn has a larger aperture, and as a supporting member, helps drainage and promotes the cloth adhesion tightly on the rubber belt or the roller.
  5. Better tensile strength than single-layer, anti-bending, avoid wrinkles during the filtration process.

For example, in pharmaceutical production, the handling capacity of double-layer filter cloth is 30% higher than single-layer, enhance the production efficiency.

Horizontal Vacuum belt filter cloth
Belt filter cloth for horizontal vacuum belt filters


After-treatment of the belt filter cloth includes heat setting, calendaring. It aims to increase the stability of the fabric while possibly improving performance.

  1. Heat setting: Heating the filter cloth under appropriate tensile tension, eliminating the stress accumulated in the fabrics, realigning the large molecules, and then rapidly cooling to make the fabric in stable dimension and shape, anti-deform and off-tracking in use. Quality heat setting treatment improves the thermal stability of the filter cloth, reduces the heat shrinkage rate, and ensures low elongation in the filtration process.
  2. Calendered: Calendering the fabric through a thermal press roll to make the surface smoother and easier cake discharge, while reducing the porosity and permeability and improving the filtration efficiency, and easy to regeneration.
  3. Ultrasonic sealed edges.
  4. Clipper seam & Resin coated.
Horizontal vacuum belt filter clothss clipper seam
Horizontal belt filter cloth in rolls
Belt filter cloth weaving

Bonfilt’s service

Bonfilt dedicates to working as your reliable source for belt filter cloth solutions.  To choose the suitable filter cloth to your specific filters is essential to get optimal and smooth filtration property. We have in-house technicists who will help you to define the most suitable belt filter cloth and fabrication method for your application respectively, to ensure your process reach maximum performance levels for production and durability.

Bonfilt’s product feature

  • European material to get excellent performance.
  • Superior retention efficiency.
  • Good dimension and thermal stability.
  • Smooth surface, release the cake and clean easily.
  • Reduce production energy cost.
  • Low filter cake moisture.
  • Improved throughput.
  • Max width 4.6m without split joint.
  • Plenty of semi-finished products in stock for rapid delivery.
  • Cloth in rolls and fabricated belts both available.
  • Long, trouble-free service life.
  • FDA compliant for food and pharmaceutical industrial safety (please contact our sales representative to get the FDA test report).

Technical Data

Technical Parameters for Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth
Type Model Material Thickness Weight Air Permeability  Tensile Strength
Bubble Pore Size PH
Temperature Width Available
mm±10% g/㎡±5% CFM L/dm2.min L/m2.s Warp Weft μm CM
Double layer PP monofilament 505D-30DY PP 0.9 550 24 118±24 200±40 >5500 >3500 30 0-14 <75 460
505D-50DY PP 1 550 48 235±48 400±80>5500 >5500 >3500 50 0-14 <75 460
505D-85DY PP 1.1 550 75.5 360±72 600±120 >5500 >3500   85 0-14 <75 460
505D-120D PP 1.1 550 160 720±144 1200±240 >5500 >3500 120 0-14 <75 460
Double layer PP monofilament/
505H-25HY PP 1.1 610 24 118±24 200±40 >5000 >4000 25 0-14 <75 330
505H-20HY PP 1.1 610 11.6 60±12 100±20 >5000 >4000 20 0-14 <75 330
505H-15HY PP 1.1 610 9.3 48±10 80±16 >5000 >4000 15 0-14 <75 330
505H-08HY PP 1 610 5.2 25±5 40±8 >5000 >4000 8 0-14 <75 250
Double layer PP&PET monofilament 505G-180GY PP&PET 1.4 770 239 1077±215 1800±360 >5600 >8500 180 3-8 <75 460
505G-150GY PP&PET 1.35 770 200 900±180 1500±300 >5600 >8500 150 3-8 <75 460
505G-120GY PP&PET 1.3 770 160 720±144 1200±240 >5600 >8500 120 3-8 <75 460
Double layer PET monofilament 909G-50GY PET 1.15 1000 48 235±48 400±80 >6000 >5000 50 3-8 <100 460
909G-85GY PET 1.15 1000 75.5 360±72 600±12 >6000 >5000 85 3-8 <100 460
909G-120GY PET 1.2 1000 160 720±144 1200±240 >6000 >5000 120 3-8 <100 460
909G-30GY PET 1.15 1000 24 118±24 200±40 >6000 >5000 30 3-8 <100 460


When you select a belt filter cloth for your horizontal vacuum belt filter, you need to inform us:

  1. Application.
  2. Model of belt filter.
  3. Filtrate PH value.
  4. Filtrate property like viscosity.
  5. Working temperature.
  6. Solid particle property like size, shape, uniformity, hardness.
  7. Precise dimension, length includes the SS clipper and the width.


Horizontal belt filters are the most commonly used vacuum filters in the filtration industry, for its operational flexibility, adaptability to corrosive slurries, multiterm produce at the same time, such as multi-stage washing of filter cake, cleaning filter cloth, plate pressure to prevent filter cake cracking, etc. Also for its excellent production efficiency, which is 2-10 times higher than other vacuum filters and suitable for large throughputs.

Bonfilt is capable of providing an extensive range of filter cloth to meet the high demands of a multitude of filtration industries.

Belt filter cloth for chemical industry

Chemical industries: Phosphoric acid, citric acid, silicate, sodium bicarbonate, sulfuric acid, catalyst, potash, ABS resin, BPA, fertilizer, polymer, pigment, PTA, zeolite.

Mining & metallurgy: Flotation concentrate, gold, silver, copper, iron, nickel, aluminum, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, lead, silicon, aluminum, coal, garnet, phosphate rock, acid, potash, rare earth, tailings, titanium dioxide.

Horizontal belt filter for gold production plant
horizontal vacuum belt filter cloth for Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry: Penicillin, enzyme preparation, agrochemicals, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates.

Environmental protection: Tailings dehydration, fly ash treatment, power plant flue gas desulfurization, aluminum plant red mud degradation and dust removal, coolant purification, wastewater treatment.

Belt filter cloth mine tailing dewatering
vacuum belt filter cloth for spirulina

Food industry: Starch, food additive, glutamic acid, sodium glutamate, gluten, lactic acid, lecithin, spirulina, starch, vanillin.

Packing & Shipping:

packing in rolls by massy poly-woven bags, wooden frame, crates, pallets available upon requirements.

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