Antistatic Conveyor Belts | Conductive Woven Mesh Process Belt Fabrics

Synthetic woven antistatic process belt

The conductive woven mesh conveyor belts are weaving by synthetic fiber (commonly PET) combine with antistatic carbon/bronze/ stainless steel yarn embedded.

The antistatic process belt fabrics are engineered for the industry where electrostatic sensitive, for example in the nonwoven fabrics and woodchips fiberboard production, the friction between the processed mass and the conveyor belts / or the belt and the slider bed /or the ionisation of the dry air, usually cause electrostatic charges. Although the static current is usually of low intensity, it can be the cause of problems like when light pieces of product stay adhered to the surface of the belt which reduces the efficiency and product quality, or combustion risk in environments sensitive to deflagration.

To overcome this issue, Bonfilt designed these antistatic conveyor belts to drive and dissipate surface static electricity accumulate during operation. This special process belt helps to eliminate polymer spots adhere on the belt surface, and risk of spark which will cause deflagrate danger.

anti-static nonwoven process belt


conductive process conveyor belt

Bonfilt’s antistatic conveyor belts are woven by wear-resistant PET yarn combines with carbon/bronze/stainless steel yarn embedded, to drive and dissipate the charges. This special process belt helps to prevent static accumulating, eliminate polymer spots adhere on the belt surface and risk of spark which will cause deflagrate danger.

The special weave pattern makes our conductive process belts in the roughened surface for non-slip, meanwhile in good fabric release at the end of the belt. Besides, it makes the air permeability adjustable to fulfill the various requirements of different uses.

The thicker weft yarn assures robust in lateral to anti fold.

The good after-treatment of thermal fixing to achieve excellent running property, which could ensure straight run in minimum off-tracking, also stable in dimension.

In additional, Bonfilt’s antistatic conveyor belts have good cleanability, the filament sports are easily removed. All aim to supply outstanding performance and long life-time.

The woven mesh conveyor belt usually joint in pin seam, double pin seam, endless woven etc. The invisible and well closable joint is critical to get sophisticated non-marking products.

invisible double pin seam


Antistatic mesh belt is widely used in airlaid, spunlaid, wetlaid & drylaid nonwoven formin, wood fiberboard, dust-free paper, chemical fiber, and other industries.

packing & shipping

Standard packing: poly-woven bags for overseas transportation safety, wooden crates upon request.

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