Bonfilt is very concerned to offer you competitive and attractive delivery methods and beneficial fright costs that have been negotiated with our trusted carriers.

We organize and process delivery to your door to facilitate your imports and to save your time and efforts, as well as to reduce your costs.

In the following, you will find a guideline that will help you find the best delivery terms that meet your requirements.

1. Choose your shipping method
Delivery times, as well as freight costs, are the two significant elements that determine your choice of delivery method. In order to be able to offer the optimal delivery solution, please indicate the urgency of your shipment.

Means of transportation:
Which method of transportation should be used? Express, airfreight, sea freight or railway?

Delivery method:
• Express: Fast but expensive. Delivery is handled by one of the famous express carriers (DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS). This delivery method is especially suitable for light and small-sized packages. Generally, 4-10days could be worldwide arrival
• Airfreight: Adapt to medium and small cargo. It’s economic than express and still in fast delivery.
• Sea freight: Suitable for all products and bulky cargo. Shipping time roughly 7-10days to Southeast Aisa, 14-18days to Australia, 18 – 21days to the Western coast of North America and Middle-East, and 25-30days to Europe and Africa, 30-40days to Latin America. The most economical choice.
• Railway: Suitable for Central Aisa, Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe etc. for all products and quantity. Shipping time about 10-20days and only 1/3-1/2 high than sea freight which is cost-effective.

Place of delivery and trade term:
Please indicate the exact place of delivery (which might be not the final destination). The Incoterms indicate the place where the transfer of risk and ownership takes place.
• FCA: your goods are shipped to the forwarder of your choice. Please indicate their exact contact details (address, contact name, phone number, email address and the number of the office of exit).
• CFR: your goods are shipped to the seaport of the arrival of your choice.
• CIF: your goods are shipped to the seaport of the arrival of your choice include insurance.
• CIP: your goods are shipped to the airport of arrival of your choice.
• DAP: your goods are shipped directly to you. Be aware of the taxes for your shipment.
• DDP: your goods are shipped directly to you. Taxes are paid by us and will be re-invoiced.
• EXW: your goods are ready for pick up at our loading dock. Your chosen carrier will then be able to pick up the goods during our loading hours. Please be aware: You are responsible for the entire shipping process. Bonfilt will not be able to intervene and will not be held responsible in case of any issues or damages that may occur during shipment.

Contact our sales team for advice, cost estimations and delivery times.
Consider additional time for container handling and customs clearance.

2. Customs and regulations
Bilateral agreements are often made between countries to facilitate commercial exchanges. Please be informed of the diverse regulations at a customs office beforehand. You will be provided with information about required documents. You will then be able to provide us with the following information:
• Information to be written on the invoice and the packing list
• HS codes: please verify whether the HS codes need to appear on the invoice.
• Documents necessary for your import (certificate of origin, FTA etc…)

3. Processing times
The date indicated on your order confirmation (Proforma Invoice) states when your order is ready for shipment. That day, we know the exact dimensions and weight of your order and will prepare the shipping documents.
Processing delays of your shipping documents depend on customs and necessary documents (certificate of origin, FTA, etc.) and may, therefore, vary from 24h to several days. Your goods are then shipped shortly thereafter depending on vessel and plane departures.
If we handle the shipping: our team will send you the date of departure and estimated arrival and a copy of the documents for verification.

If EX works: our team will inform you as soon as your goods and the shipping documents are ready and will indicate the exact dimensions and weight. You will then be able to organize the pickup during our office hours (Monday through Friday 8:30 – 11:30 and 13:30 to 18:00).
Please be aware: You are responsible for the entire shipping process. Bonfilt will not be able to intervene and will not be held responsible in case of any issues or damages that may occur during shipment under EXW term.
• Express delivery: Please indicate your account number for the chosen carrier and delivery terms.
• For practical reasons, we prefer to do the shipping for you. This guarantees a safe shipment, attractive freight costs and avoids issues during transit.

4. Checklist
• Express, airfreight, sea freight or Railway?
• Delivery address?
• Date of delivery?
• Required documents?
• HS codes?

5. Complaints
We handle and pack your goods with the outmost care. However, despite our efforts, it may occur that your goods are damaged during shipment. If it happened, verify your goods immediately upon reception, please take photos and inform us immediately in case of any issues.