In the industry liquid-solid filtration and separation, there are various kinds of micron filter bags for bag filter vessel, it should be chosen upon the fluid type.

First, confirm the chemical composition of the filtered fluid, find the usable filter media according to the chemical property.

Second, evaluate the temperature, operating pressure, PH value, viscosity, particle type (hard or soft), impurity concentration, working condition (tenable steam, hot water or chemical sterilization etc.), remove the inapplicable. Usage is considered as well, for example, the filter media for pharmaceuticals, food or cosmetics must be FDA compliant, and filter media for ultrapure water must be pure materials which do not contain free fiber.

Precision selection

1. Nylon mesh (NMO) filter bags are surface filtration with absolute micron rating, it is able to trap particles size larger than their mesh opening. Bonfilt’s NMO bags have a wide range of precision from 5um-1600um, which in a wide range of application. It’s suitable for hard particle and lower precision. Mainly applications like paints, varnishes, inks, resins, chemicals, corrosive solutions for its excellent chemical properties.

Liquid Filter Bags

2. Needle felt (Micron fiber) filter bag is the most economical choice. They are made of most cost-effective and one-off micron filter media, and commonly used for medium to low viscosity fluid. Variety of micron ratings from 0.5um-200um are available, and there are Polypropylene and polyesters for chosen.

3. If you need to remove oil and other impurities from water in industrial filtration, the oil filter bags is the best one. They are made out by multi-layer of filter media include polypropylene(PP)

4. The activated carbon filter bag is specially added with the activated carbon material. The activated carbon has excellent adsorption performance, which could remove chlorine, harmful biochemical, odors, asbestos, dissolved heavy metal in the water, and recovers benzene compounds, methanol compounds, mineral oils, precious metals etc. Activated carbon filter bags are widely used in paint, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, synthetic, petrochemical, rubber, and pharmaceutical industries.


meltblown fabric, PP needle felt and PP mesh, which has a large filtering area and excellent oil absorption capacity. Furthermore, it is acid & alkali resistant and tear resistant.

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